Lodge Policies & Contract

Lodge Policies & Contract


Thank you for choosing Alaska Legends Kenai River Lodge for your event! This rental agreement is to
establish clear and concise communication between you (“Renter”) and Alaska Legends Kenai River
Lodge (“ALKRL”) so that we may have mutual understanding and provide you and your guests an
enjoyable and safe experience. The following information constitutes a binding contract between
ALKRL and the LICENSEE. A signature within this document by representatives of all parties indicate
mutual agreement to the terms and conditions contained herein. Any changes or additions to the
terms of this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties.


• Due at the time of this reservation: 50% of your LODGE RENTAL, TAXES AND FEES and 50% of your
$2000 refundable security deposit.
• Due 90 days before your arrival date: remaining balance of 50% of your RENTAL and refundable
security deposit as well as 100% due for all TAXES, FEES, CATERING and AMENITIES.
• Any charges incurred during your event such as bar tabs or additional labor costs are due no later than
10 days after your final invoice is sent via email. Late payments are subject to a late fee of up to $500.
• Any excursions or tours that are confirmed with our guides will be due upon booking. Our guides book
out early in the season, we suggest booking peak season tours and guided trips BY JANURARY. We can
not guarantee the availability of any tour or guided trip until it has been paid for and locked in with
guide by us.
• Refund of deposit: within 30 days after your event if the property is left in pre-rented condition.
If damages exceed the security deposit, then Renter will be held responsible for all extra charges.
• All payments must be made by the due dates stated with an active, authorized credit card. Failure
to make all payments when due may be treated as a cancellation at the discretion of ALKRL or incur a
late fee of $500 after 10 days.


Alaska Legends Kenai River Lodge is designed for a maximum
guest count of 150 outdoors, a seating capacity indoors of 100 and sleeping capacity of up to 40. Renter
is responsible for confirming the guest count with ALKRL at least 30 days prior to the event. If the final
guest count is not confirmed by that deadline, ALKRL will assume the number to be the last count
provided and proceed accordingly for event preparation.

• We offer a 100% refund if your event is canceled prior to 1 year of your check-in date.
• We offer a 25% refund if your event is canceled prior to 6 months of your check-in date.
• Events cancelled within 6 months of the event date do not qualify for a refund of the lodge
rental and taxes.
• Any additional fees such as cleaning, catering costs or rentals through the venue are fully
refundable to 90 days ahead of the event date.
• Tours and guided trip refunds are subject to refund at the discretion of the guide. ALKRL does
not have authority to apply a refund for any scheduled tour or guided trip that has been paid for
and scheduled.
• Security Deposit is fully refundable except in the event of damage to any lodge or vendor
property or in any instance mentioned in this contract.
Check-in & Check-out
• Check-in Time: 3:00PM
• Check-out Time: 11:00AM (cleaning crew begins cleaning common areas at 9am on checkout
• Upon check-in Renter will be greeted by our venue manager, presented with the key and basic
house rules. Rules are listed below, in the kitchen of the lodge and in each room of the lodge.
Please ask your guests to read through these carefully.
• If Renter needs accommodation earlier than the contracted check in time or after the
contracted check out time, Renter will need to request this change within 90 days of your event
via email to Yvonne at [email protected] and agreed upon mutually. These requests will
be considered dependent on our venue availability and are not guaranteed.
• Any additional time on the property after checkout (11am or any other specified time agreed
upon) will be subject to a fee of $600 per hour. This will be taken from the security deposit or
charged to the credit card on file if the security deposit has been exhausted. Our cleaning crew
begins cleaning common areas at 9am on check out day. We charge these overages in
increments of 15 minutes.
• Sales and Operations: Yvonne Hancey – (907-223-8821) –([email protected])
• On-Site Venue Manager: Linda Larson (605-940-6509) – ([email protected])
• Owner: Bret Burroughs (907-360-2584) – ([email protected])



• You are responsible for designating a liaison to be the primary contact for staff during
the rental period. If one is not assigned, Renter will be assumed the liaison. Renter or
liaison is responsible for greeting, ushering, and the coordination of your attendees and
vendors. A venue manager will be present on the day of your event to answer facility
questions and ensure that contract obligations are fulfilled. The venue manager is not
responsible for your event, its coordination, its outcome, nor the behavioral
management of your group with the exception of guided excursions and tours booking.
If a proxy is needed, please provide an introduction via email to our team with as much
notice as possible including contact information for proxy (phone number, email)
• Renter is responsible for getting your groups to and from your excursions and guided
trips. If you would like to have the lodge drive you, please notify us with 30 days’ notice
so we can get staff scheduled to get you there on time. This service comes at an
additional cost. Vans are also available for rent through the lodge.
• Renter OR LIASON is responsible for the behavior and demeanor of the guests.
• Renter OR LIASON is responsible for any damages and/or property loss incurred during
the event.
• If Renter is planning a reception in or around the lodge, we do require a on site lodge
manager to be present. This will come at an additional cost and not included in the cost
of the rental.


Renter will ensure a safe event by respecting all property, complying with ALKRL requirements, and ensuring that all guests are compliant. You must designate someone to be responsible for group’s supervision and activities. ALKRL, at its sole discretion, has the right to call for law enforcement to assist due to inappropriate actions of guests such as unruly conduct, violence, or any other action that could be potentially hazardous to property and guests. ALKRL reserves the right, without notice and in its sole discretion, to terminate your ability to use the lodge, and to ask your party to vacate the premises immediately at any time. ALKRL is not responsible for lost or stolen


The parties agree that any dispute in any way relating to the terms of this agreement will be resolved by arbitration using a mutually agreed upon arbitrator. The parties further agree that in any arbitration process they may conduct reasonable discovery pursuant to the rules of the arbitration service administering the dispute resolution. The law of the state of ALASKA will be the governing law, and any arbitration awarded will be enforceable in state court.


ALKRL, its agents, contractors, and employees are not responsible for damage or theft to vehicles or other property of, and for injury to and claims from, any participant, guest or contractor on the property. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless ALKRL and its representatives and agents from any claims of guests or other third parties related in any
way to this event. ALKRL requires RENTER to purchase from their insurer a liability binder in an amount no less than $1,000,000 which names ALKRL as an additional insured to protect yourself and ALKRL from any claims arising from the event. This certificate is due to ALKRL 60 days before your


You are responsible for the group’s first aid and first aid supplies. You or someone in your group is responsible for transportation in the event of an emergency and transportation must be available at all times. In the event of an emergency, first call 911, then contact our venue manager. ALKRL strongly advises that you have a first aider with current age-appropriate CPR/AED and First Aid Certification from a recognized provider.


It is your responsibility to ensure that all vendors hired by you understand the policies of the property and follow the terms of this agreement. Vendors must check in with the venue manager upon arrival. Set up may not be made before the start date/time specified in this contract, and equipment removal must be done by the end of the contracted time in this contract. Vendors and/or Renter will be responsible for all loading, unloading, and/or movement of any items not provided by the property and are responsible for any damages
Alaska Legends Kenai River Lodge holds no responsibility in the event of injury, theft, or death. ALKRL is nestled on some wild land, there are wild animals and weather conditions that can create unsafe and slippery areas for walking.


Alcoholic beverages served to the group at a main event or reception must be brought in and monitored by an Alaska Licensed server. Consumption of alcoholic beverages during the event or reception will be the responsibility of the server. Any consumption of alcohol during non-reception times will be the responsibility of the Renter and any damage, hospitalization or death will be liability of Renter. ALKRL can not be held responsible for any alcohol related issues that may arise.

• Alcoholic beverages are only permitted in the Lodge
No glass bottles, glass cups, or flutes are permitted at any time or anywhere with the exception of wine
or champagne bottles and glasses INSIDE the Lodge. ANY beverages served outside the Lodge can only
be in cans, boxes, or other unbreakable containers. No beer or other beverages in glass bottles are
allowed at any time outside the lodge. Kegs are permitted in the Lodge only. All containers must be
disposed of properly.
• Pre- and post-event, adults may bring their own canned beer and other canned or boxed beverages to
be kept and consumed at the Lodge only.
• No alcoholic beverages are allowed near the river

Lodge Rules
1. SMOKING of any kind is NOT permitted in the lodge, vaping included. When smoking outside,
please put cigarette butts in the appropriate containers. If there is any evidence of smoking
inside, we will keep the entire security deposit. ALKRL reserves the right to remove the Renter
and their group from the premises at their expense if we suspect this rule has or is being broken.
2. If any furniture is desired to be moved, prior approval is required. If approved, it is the Renter’s
responsibility to provide labor to carefully move the furniture to a new location inside the lodge
and return it to its original location after the event. Furniture cannot be stored outside. Renter’s
cleaning deposit will be forfeited if renter damages furniture.
3. Lodge must be left in condition it was found upon check in. Upon check-out, our venue manager
will tour the site and check that all rules have been followed. We require all trash in the kitchen
& common areas to be taken out and put in the dumpsters located in the parking lot at the end
of your stay. Any excessive cleaning, moving of furniture, or trash removal will be taken out of
the security deposit.
• Please ensure that the dumpster is properly closed to keep bears and other
potentially dangerous wildlife out!
4. The inner lodge is a shoes-off premises. Please notify your group of the rules and place shoes
upon entry in the provided area.
5. Illegal drugs are not allowed on the property and subject to entire group removal. Marijuana in
the State of Alaska is considered a legal substance, thus please use only in designated smoking
6. Fires must be supervised at all times and Renter must keep the fireplaces screened at all times.
Due to fire danger, we do NOT allow wood fires in any of the outside fire pits, we supply
propane fire pits. Please stay informed on any burn bans in the region. Real candles and wax
warmers are prohibited. No bird seed, paper lanterns, rice, confetti or glitter. No items may be
taped, tacked, or nailed to the doors, widows, walls, or floors. Fog machines, pyrotechnics,
displays or props involving water, and other special effect equipment with potential for fire or
water damage are prohibited. If there is any candle, wax, wall damage, etc, there will be a
deduction from the security deposit on a case by case basis.
7. The music system may be used at your discretion, but please keep volume down and move
speakers inside after 10:00pm as a courtesy to our neighbors across the river. After 10:00P.M.
please remain as quiet as possible when outdoors (no more music outside) so as not to disturb
the neighbors. Reasonable levels of activity are okay as long as the noise level is low enough that
it isn’t heard by the neighbors.
8. It is the responsibility of the renter to familiarize their guest(s) with the Lodge Rules. Parents are
advised to instruct their children to follow the Lodge Rules. Children may not be left
unsupervised at any time.
9. NO PETS ALLOWED. If pets are brought on the property without written consent from owners or
management, there will be a deduction from the security deposit of $950 to sanitize the facility
to prevent allergy reactions for future guests. Your pet is vulnerable to wildlife in the area and to
the turbulent river as well.
10. Wi-Fi is available, but guests may not use it for any illegal uploading, downloading, or any other
illegal activities. The Wi-Fi password can be found on the router on the desk in the reading nook
upstairs and posted in the kitchen.
11. Please be cautious and do not harass or approach wildlife. We often have moose, bear caribou
on the property, and when left in peace they will not cause any issues. Do not leave food or
trash outside unless it is put into the bear proof dumpster. Keeping food anywhere outside
(other than the bins) may attract bears.
12. If you catch fish, please clean them outside on the dock on the cleaning table. It is very difficult
to get the smell of fish slime out of things and if we find that fish have been cleaned elsewhere,
this will result in a $1,000.00 fine taken from your security deposit. Please toss any fish
carcasses out as far as you can in the river’s deep water. Any fish in the dumpster or on the
property will attract bears.
13. Please stay on path walkways and avoid walking on natural vegetation.
14. It is recommended that all guests wear life vests when near the river. We require that any child
under the age of 10 wear a lift vest when near the river. It is your responsibility to provide
proper life preservers. Be aware of water hazards in boating and wading in the river. With the
Kenai River, please know that activity around it exposes you to unpredictable river currents and
potential hypothermia.
15. Please ensure all room keys are back inside the doors upon check out. There will be a $25.00
deduction from the security deposit for any lost keys.
16. All dishes in the lodge (bar area included) must be clean, dry, and put away before departure.
Any leftover dishes having to be cleaned by onsite staff or dishes found missing will result in a
deduction from security deposit on a case by case basis.
17. Please make sure you are taking all items with you at the end of your stay. ALKRL is not
responsible for finding any lost and found items or their return to LICENSEE. Any shipping and
labor costs associated with return of an item found will be the direct financial responsibility of


This document embodies the whole agreement of the Renter and
ALKRL. There are no required promises, conditions or obligations other than those contained herein.
This agreement supersedes all previous communications, representations, or agreements, either verbal
or written, between the parties. Any changes or additions to the terms of this agreement must be made
in writing and signed by both parties.