Lodge Layout & Rooms

Alaska Legends Kenai River Lodge comes with plenty of space sleeping up to 30 or more overnight guests comfortably on the shores of the Kenai River.  There’s no better place to throw an event as the lodge is fully equipped with:

-Conference room    

-Commercial kitchen

-Fishing Dock right on the river

-Private Parking

-Bar with available kegerator

-Pool and Foosball Tables

-Indoor & Outdoor Fireplaces

-Outdoor Grill

-12 Sleeping Rooms with ensuite bathrooms

Our Private Suites

The Otter’s Oasis

The Otter’s Oasis is not only one of our smaller, quainter rooms, but it is also one of 2 rooms that comes with a jacuzzi-style tub in its ensuite bathroom as well as a shower.  This Oasis comes equipped with a king size bed as well as a pull-out sofa bed queen so it can fit 4 comfortably or maybe just you and your significant otter.


Caribou Cabin

Our Caribou Cabin is a great room for those who travel in herds, a room for up to 4 people equipped with 2 comfy queen-sized beds and an ensuite private bathroom.


The Lynx Lounge

Towards the corner of the lodge the Lynx Lounge allows you to stay subtle, but always at an advantage with a window facing the river, and secluded in a corner of your own . A room for up to 5 people our Lynx Lounge comes with two queen-sized beds and a pull-out chair twin.

Muskox Manor

Our Muskox Manor room sleeps up to 4.  Outfit with 2 queen beds and a private ensuite bathroom, it is perfect for a smaller group or just 2 travelers.  Just like the long hair that hangs from the Muskox this room is sure to keep you nice and cozy throughout your travels.  Fun Fact: Inupiaq-speaking Eskimos call the Musk Ox itomingmak, meaning “the animal with skin like beard” – a reference to the long guard hair that hands nearly to the ground.

The Eagle’s Nest

Sleeping up to 5 people, our Eagle’s Nest is great for families.  In the heart of the nest is a queen-sized bed overlooking a pull-out chair twin.  Equipped with an ensuite private bathroom the room also includes a nice bunk bed allowing one to nest from higher grounds.

Fox Kit Quarters

In our family friendly lodge, the kits come with!  Fox Kit Quarters is a great family room sleeping up to 5 people.  The room comes equipped with a queen-sized bed as well as a bunk-bed and a pull-out chair twin.

The Grizzly Den

A true hibernation center, the Grizzly Den sleeps up to 6 people with 2 queen sized beds, a double futon, and and ensuite bathroom.  Come enter the den and sleep in peace, but be careful…we do charge by the night, not by the slumber 😉

Halibut Hideaway

We would say the the Halibut Hideaway is quite the catch. It comes equipped with two queen beds and a pull out chair that turns into a twin bed, sleeping 5 comfortably, along with a ensuite full bathroom. We know that your visit will go swimmingly.


Bull Moose Master Suite

The Bull Moose Master Suite is one of 2 rooms that comes with a jacuzzi-style tub in its ensuite bathroom as well as a shower.  This suite comes equipped with a queen size bed as well as a pull-out chair twin fitting 3 comfortably.

King Salmon Suite

This room is named because it is fit for royalty. Equipped with a King sized bed, a queen pull out sofa, and a full ensuite, it can fit 4 comfortably. It is a perfect place to escape the pull of the current.


Black & Brown Bear Cubbies

Our ‘Jack & Jill’ style shared room comes with 3 different beds and is the only room we have on the first floor of the lodge.  There is one shared bathroom for the Black and Brown bear cubbies, and is a perfect room for families and anyone who requires wheelchair access.

The Lone Wolf Lair

The Lone Wolf Lair is the last of our private rooms with a private bathroom.  It comes equipped with a queen-sized bed and is right next to the laundry room.  This is typically the last private suite to be used, but the bed is still quite comfortable, and the river sounds are some of the best in the corner of the lodge closest to the water.